Montessori activities for 2 year old at home

The terrible twos as they are called morning in! However, you don’t need to dread this transitional change for your kid, it might be handled. There are strategies that can help this period to be a simple transition. This is often achieved by giving opportunity to do the tasks proposed to them and giving children alternatives to prevent power struggles and allowing them to accomplish things alone. At this phase, as they grow up, kids should be given more independence. This is revealed in the environment. How one arranges it such that the kid can alone achieve things for himself. This then gives him/her the sense of accomplishment and in turn develops a high self-esteem. The key is to set up the environment in which he is able to triumph to be able to do things by himself safely. For young child things may need to be set up step by step, which might be slow and tedious for adults but is crucial for a kid who’s learning.

Montessori 24-36 Months – 2 to 3 Year Old – Daily Montessori


Language explosion frequently happens at across the age of TWO. This really is when children has increased their vocabulary by tenfold and almost miraculously begins to speak in sentences. One should then support this by becoming a good language model and teaching the child more vocabulary. The little one will start parroting words you will say, so be mindful with what you say and the manner in which you say it. The youngster also doesn’t have to possess baby talk and transforming to a high pitched voice when you speak to your kid is unnecessary. Speak with them like you would to another man. Discuss to them clearly so they are able to absorb what you’re saying to them. Don’t correct them, when kids at this age say some words. This might make the kid fearful of trying new words but instead model it. When you answer, say it after them. This will let them know of their blunder without being shamed. Talk to kids about things in whole sentences. Try and spell out why things are so they’ll comprehend. The best language model they can have is the a

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Living Area Setup

In this region one can have one small shelf for his playthings that he/she may use when with the family. One can additionally have a kid sized wooden table and seat for the little one to be able to make use of for his work/play. They’re able to use other mediums for craft or big sizes crayons additionally accessible to the little one. One can decide to have painting available as the mess may be harder to clean for inside, but this might be ideal for the outside. You can also provide a small rug or mat for the kid to work on instead of the table. This subsequently features their work to a particular region.

Apple Slicing

This includes using an apple slicer which can be found in shops. We are in need of tongs, a sharp knife for the adult, a cutting board and a tiny bowl. Cut it in half horizontally and require the apple, this will definitely get the apple be on the board for the child laid on a stable flat side. Place the apple on the level side and take the apple corer on the apple, push the corer a bit to reveal your child how to shove down. Start it for them and let them continue. You may help by putting your hands over theirs. Once it is cut all the way through, use the tongs as well as the remaining part of the apple in the bowl.

Montessori – Practical Life – Care of the person- Washing Hands

Practical Life

Montessori discovered that kids wanted to help in the upkeep of their particular surroundings. She then developed practical life activities. This can be actions that adults do every day that children may need to copy and see. It is often as easy as sweeping, mopping and dusting, or as complicated as washing clothes, or dishes. For the dwelling one can have a kid sized dustpan and broom and mop. Kids enjoy to clean up. The moment they may see a wreck, direct them to where you could rationally keep the mop and show them if they do not already know from observing the adult how one does it correctly. When your actions are consistently exaggerated by revealing kids a specific activity so they’ll not miss details of performing that straightforward endeavor that we as adults may take for granted. Ask your son or daughter to help with the tiniest jobs as dressing themselves, wiping their own table up after themselves, putting dishes in the dishwasher, mopping, sweeping, and setting the garments in the wash.

Montessori Materials / ‘Toys’

Novels are always essential for any phase of the child’s development. Select publications which could have one or two sentences that are describing the arena on the page. Publications with long narratives may not hold their attention for very long. Pick books that are important to their everyday life. If it’s some thing that relates to them, their interest will likely be held and they see every day. This may include issues about their daily routine. As always choose publications that are realistic and possess the whole picture or image. This will definitely teach the kid of how things actually are. Montessori says fantasy can be introduced to children after 3 years old.

Food Preparation

This really is the most fun and important for most kids. Food is always interesting for children and preparing what they will eat might make them take pleasure in the meal a lot more and eat more since it makes them part of the procedure. These tasks having a stool for the child to stand on and could be done on the kid sized table or on the kitchen bench. This cut up fruit is often as easy as teaching the kid to butter their own toast, washing fruits and even skin vegetables. These actions have to be prepared so that it will be successful for the child safe for them and to achieve as well. Food contraptions which make things easier, like apple peelers, avocado/ apple slicers are the very best strategy as it makes things simple enough for kids to involve your kid in food preparation.

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